Founded in 2011, Excelsior Analytical Laboratory (EA Lab) is a testing facility in the Bay Area of Northern California serving legally authorized distributors and licensed cultivators and manufacturers. We measure the potency and safety of cannabis and cannabis products using methodology developed specifically for cannabis samples. Justin, our expert Laboratory Director, has a doctorate degree from Leiden University (the Netherlands), where he studied cannabis chemistry and biology. Justin has been a pioneer in cannabis research, with particular expertise in statistical correlation between cannabis terpenoid profile and phenotype. Justin has written several peer-reviewed journal papers on the topic. Our Quality Control Manager brings over 12 years of experience in laboratory compliance to ensure our testing methodology, method validation and quality assurance are on par with the heavily regulated pharma industry.  Check out our News link at the top of the page, to access news, blogs and journal papers.



Our team of scientists come from diverse backgrounds including analytical chemistry, natural products, pharmaceuticals, molecular biology, scientific instrumentation, and plant sciences.