Excelsior Analytical Laboratory (EA Lab) was founded in 2011 in the Bay Area of Northern California with the goal of utilizing analytical data to help the emerging medical cannabis industry better understand what was in the medicine being produced and consumed. At the time, the legal medical cannabis industry was in its inception, quality assurance and standards for cannabis-specific labs were not yet established.  With few options available for reliable and accountable cannabis testing in the marketplace, we made it our mission to differentiate ourselves with sound scientific practices to become the trusted name in cannabis testing.

EA Lab has grown into a full service cannabis testing laboratory serving distributors, cultivators, and manufacturers. measure the potency and safety of cannabis and cannabis products using methodology developed specifically for cannabis. 

EA Lab joined the Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories ACCL in 2012 which is an organization with a mission to foster cooperation and collaboration between cannabis in North America as well as establish inter-laboratory standards and proficiencies.  



Our Staff

All members of Excelsior Analytical Laboratory have the relevant scientific experience required to meet the high standards that our clients expect and those we hold ourselves too. We come from diverse backgrounds including analytical chemistry, natural products, pharmaceuticals, molecular biology, scientific instrumentation, and plant sciences.

Dr. Justin Fischedick our Laboratory Director, has a doctorate degree from Leiden University (the Netherlands), where he studied the chemistry and biology of cannabis. During this time he was involved in several research projects investigating the chemical composition and quality control of medicinal cannabis available in the Netherlands. This included a project funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) into the production of medicinal cannabinoids from cannabis under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). He also collaborated with Bedrocan BV, the sole supplier of medicinal cannabis to Dutch pharmacies, and the Dutch Office for Medicinal Cannabis (OMC) on research projects into medicinal cannabis production. He has conducted research on the composition of cannabis smoke, various inhalation devices, and established methods for classifying cultivars of cannabis based on their flavor profiles. Dr. Fischedick has published the results of his research in numerous peer-reviewed publications and presented his work at many international scientific conferences. He joined EA Labs in 2014 to develop and implement analytical methods needed for challenging array of products and analyates required by the regulated cannabis industry. Dr. Fischedick continues to publish in the field of analytical chemistry as it related to medicinal cannabis and is frequently invited to present his work at conferences and workshops across the United States. 

Our Quality Control Manager brings over 12 years of experience in laboratory compliance to ensure our testing methodology, method validation and quality assurance are on par with the heavily regulated pharma industry.  

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